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"Talismans of Life, Symbol Jewelry for Harmony and Healing"

The White Tree pendantAny symbol may be a doorway, a path or a vehicle, of great use and benefit in the spiritual quest. Symbolism jewelry embodies these symbols in silver or gold, sometimes set off with gemstones. Some symbolic jewelry designs such as the Tree of Life, are very ancient and some, such as the Infinity, are quite new. Each symbolic design embodies a rich treasury of knowledge, experience and wisdom. Some symbols arise from a single spiritual or religious tradition while other symbols are illuminated and accessible by the light of several, sometimes diverse, traditions. We feature on this page symbolic jewelry designs drawn from Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Egyptian symbols, Wicca symbols, Taoism and of course the universal Peace Symbol. Truth and spirit know no boundaries.

 Because we know that any piece of symbolic jewelry, a pendant, a pair of earrings or a ring, might be worn for many years and reflect great value to its owner, we try very hard to produce objects with authentic handmade, heirloom quality. Our purpose is to provide the various symbolic jewelry designs of truth and transformation with authenticity, power and beauty.

 We use stones of only the highest quality. We purchase the best we can find and even then, when we sit down to set the stones, we highgrade them, setting aside many to discount to other jewelers. We are particularly proud of our amethysts, moonstones, amber and jade although we feature many more stones, some of which are quite unusual. Where appropriate, as in the case of moonstones, for example, we orient the stone, within its silver or gold setting, to achieve both harmony and maximum effect.


Each Design is Accompanied by a Descriptive Card with its Symbolic Meaning.

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Winged Heart Pendants, Ring and Earrings The classic Ouroboros RingDolphin Motif Ring and EarringsA Wishing Cauldron in Sterling Silver Green Man Pendant, Earrings and RingHands Holding a Gemstone BallEternal Knot Pendant and Earrings in Sterling SilverThe Devotee Rings engraved with the sanskrit for "truth, consciousness, bliss."Om (Ohm) Pendant and EarringsThe Tree of Life RingEye of Horus PendantThe Horus Egyptian PendantWicca, Pagan  Pentacle Pendant and Earrings from WellstoneAnkh Jewelry, Pendants, Earrings and RingThe White Tree PendantYin Yang JewelryPeace Symbol Pendants, Earrings and RingWinged Hearts in Sterling Silver, Winged Heart Jewelry Pendants, Earrings and Ring, Even a Crystal Pendant for Those Who Love Them.The Infinity Symbol Jewelry Collection, infinity pendant and infinity earrings and infinity ring in silver with amber, amethyst or your choice of stone.Wisdome Eyes of the Buddha Silver Pendant


All listed prices are for Sterling Silver.

All designs are available in 14k or 18k yellow or white gold.

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