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A Treasury of Goddess Jewelry: Goddess and Female Symbols

See the Dance of the Goddess for More Goddess Designs



Goddess Jewelry

Spiral GoddessAncient Goddess Jewelry is the expression of the innumerable faces of the goddess, many of which you will find embodied in the Ancient Goddess Jewelry Collection in the form of pendants, earrings, rings and bracelets, set with gemstones such as amethyst, amber, moonstone, jade, turquoise and many others. Here you will find the symbols of the Goddesses Artemis, Venus, Isis and Kali, fertility goddess symbols, moon goddess symbols (wicca), ancient mother goddess symbols, even a talisman of the Triple Goddess (including two Crone designs 1. 2. ). You will also find jewelry embodying the ancient circles of power, the Labyrinth pendant and earrings.

Wellstone jewelry is entirely handcrafted in sterling silver or gold, though most of what we create is sterling silver jewelry. Each stone is chosen and placed carefully in its setting for maximum effect. You will notice many of the settings are open in back to allow the light of the stone to enter the body of the wearer.

We hope you will find these talismans of the Goddess pleasing and helpful in your quest.

Please also see our Dance of the Goddess Collection for additional inspirational goddess designs.

Each Design is Accompanied by a Descriptive Card with its Symbolic Meaning

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Ancient Goddess Jewelry The Sun Blessing Pendant Crone Symbol Pendant, Ring and Earrings Moon Spirit Ring Inset with Moonstone, a Moon Goddess Design The Snake Mother Ring The Earth Dreamer Ring The Archer Pendant The Wisdom's Treasure Pendant The Soulmates Pendant, a romantic lovers design The Earth Dreamer Wand The Labyrinth Jewelry Pendant and Earrings The Jewelry Labyris Pendant and Earrings The Triple Goddes Pendant The Kali Yantra Pendant, a Hindu Goddess Design Venus of Lespugue Fertility | Wellstone Jewelry The Moon and Stars Pendant and Earrings, a Moon Goddess Design The Warrior Amazon Pendant The Mother Moon Pendant, Earrings and Ring, a Moon Goddess Jewelry Design The Kwan Yin Pendant, a Buddhist Goddess Design The Earth Dreamer Pendant in a smaller version, pendant, earrings and post earrings The Birthmates Jewelry Pendant The Goddess of Abundance, pendant, earrings and ring Nursing Mother Pendant earth dreamer goddess pendants, earrings and bracelet, all with your choice of stones. earth dreamer spiral goddess pendant and earrings.


All listed prices are for Sterling Silver.

All designs are available in 14k or 18k yellow or white gold.

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